While our services are not limited to website architecture and graphic design, but also include software engineering (CGI, Perl, C/C++, SQL, etc.), internet security, linux administration, etc., the following portfolio will represent only the website design and development portion, since that is what can be easily viewed through the web. So, while website development is our primary business, remember also that we can meet all of your internet/intranet needs, whether or not you're looking to create or update your web presence.


This client approached us looking to build a professional ecommerce site on a shoestring budget. We delivered them a simple but elegant layout according to their general specs and designed a literary themed logo. We adapted our existing shopping cart application to their needs and created a "new releases" script to go with it. All of this was completed within the estimate of only nine hours.


Ariz required an online billboard site to advertise their construction business and to solicit contact from potential clients. We built a highly graphical site which visually and textually describes their competancies. Despite the sheer density of images on the page and the quality of those images, we kept the page size down to about 65k which ought to download in under ten seconds on a 56k modem. Total development time was about 15 hours.


Having already decided on DorCino Interactive to produce their fantasy sports application, Everyfan.Net sought us to head up the rest of the website development including graphics, layout, discussion forum, chat, store, banner ad management, payment processing, and email list management. We both licensed existing programs which we adapted for their use and developed custom CGI applications. The result is a multi-functional sports-fan game and community site.


With a website established already for some time, Emerson & Cuming needed to update their look to both remain technologically advanced and to portray a global image. We designed a new logo based on their existing "waveform" logo which incorporated a new embossed globe with a dish. We added colorful dynamic hierarchical drop-down menus, and expanded on their red and grey color scheme with bold, embossed lines to create an industrial tech feel.


A surfing couple unsatisfied with existing surf gear decided to build a surf clothing company from the ground up online. We created a striking graphical layout which would immediately intimate their connection to the beach and provide a pleasing atmosphere for their customers. And we built upon our existing shopping cart application to create an easy-to-use storefront which would allow Tortuga to swim with the big boys.


This computer systems validation company required an online brochure to educate potential clients about their capabilities. The design is very reflective of their offline brochures and business cards. It is meant to feel serious and professional. Still, we felt the need to add a little accent of color, thus we produced the blue-to-green gradient in the title and abbreviation, and mirrored that in the dynamic menu indicator.


An established and flourishing mail-order business, Nat Schwartz needed to get on the internet bandwagon in order to serve their customers who found ordering online a more appealing venue. This also enabled them to collect emails and market to their customers. We built them a layout reflecting their mail-order catalogs and developed an ecommerce application from the ground up to take the orders.


Looking to provide customers with a more engaging experience than their monthly brochures could provide, Reliable contracted us to produce an interactive brochure site which would allow customers to review the full up-to-date inventory and view images and detailed information about the products. Also included are some industry-specific tools and a company history. The homepage replicates a common interface to the machines they produce while the inner pages are an industrial brushed aluminum with rivets.


Toxic Environments Affect Children's Health is a non-profit organization created by the community in Toms River, NJ inflicted with a high incidence of cancer, particularly among children, which is thought to be caused by several Superfund sites in the vicinity. We developed, pro bono, a website including discussion forum and email list managament to help in their mission of public education about environmental hazards. We continue to provide free hosting and maintenance.

We are currently working with several other clients. Links to their sites will be available soon. In the meantime, please use these sites as examples of our work.